From Troas to Assos

This is the route described in Acts 20:13. After a sleepless night at Troas, Paul decides to walk more than 10 hours to Assos rather than board the ship where his companions are. In a typical Jesus fashion who used to withdraw himself into the desert and pray, Paul prefers the difficult and lonely prayer walk than the easy coastal ship ride with his companions.

The waypoints are accurate, placed on the ancient route. However you will notice on the map a deviation of the track from the waypoints. The track shown is a car route and thus an approximation of the ancient route, since some ancient route points are difficult/impossible to access by car. With a 4x4 vehicle and some hiking, you can visit most if not all of the waypoints. The specific points A-F along the Satnioeis river have been chosen to designate the ancient route segment by the river, because they offer relatively good accessibility.

Troas [by Dalyan, TR] {N39.758051 E26.142475}--Waypoint: Troas harbor

Coastal arc to Kolonai {N39.724899 E26.156606}--Waypoint: Middle of arc

Kolonai [Beşiktepe, TR]~{N39.68466667 E26.16550000}--Waypoint: Coffee shop with tables of ancient materials

Coastal arc to Larisa {N39.650115 E26.162260}--Waypoint: Middle of arc

Acheloos river mouth {N39.630065 E26.152066}

Larisa [Limantepe, in Troad, TR] {N39.61600000 E26.14616667}

Coastal arc to Satnioeis rivermouth {N39.601956 E26.133717}

Satnioeis river mouth [Tuzla Cay, TR] {N39.583801 E26.108407}

Ancient route leaves coast [at Kumbaglar port, TR] {N39.558392 E26.097333}

East of Hamaxitos [Beşiktepe, Gülpınar, TR] {N39.545174 E26.103646}

Smintheion [Külahlı, Gülpınar, TR] {N39.536000 E26.117500}

Along Satnioeis river point A {N39.528508 E26.178490}

Along Satnioeis river point B {N39.527163 E26.210215}

Along Satnioeis river point C {N39.530486 E26.250846}

Along Satnioeis river point D {N39.524925 E26.286489}

Along Satnioeis river point E {N39.504823 E26.296169}

Along Satnioeis river point F {N39.499899 E26.318183}

Assos [Behramkale, TR] {N39.486200 E26.340873}--Waypoint: harbor