From Faliron to the Athens Agora

The famous Greek city planner Biris (1899-1980), a scholar on the historical city planning of Athens, has proposed that Paul disembarked at the port of Faliron (Acts 17:15), by the modern Church of Aghios Georgios Falirou. Foreign scholars like Holzner, usually consider Peiraieus the disembarkation point. We follow here the theory of Biris. Different ancient sources connect the altar(s) to unknown gods with this route. Specifically, since the modern Church of Aghioi Theodoroi is built  at an ancient well stop for refreshing the travelers, and on the remains of ancient altars, its seems probable that the altar(s) of the unknown gods were there, welcoming the foreigners (with their foreign religions) coming from Faliron.

The walking route from Peiraieus port to the Athens Agora along the Long Walls (actually the reverse of it, from Agora to Peiraieus) could have been followed by Paul at this instance or if he had chosen the sea route to Corinth on his 2nd MJ, after his Athens visit (Acts 18:1). See here.

The weird Greek names are mostly street names, don't let them confuse you. You can walk on this route if it's not too hot, it's less than 9 km long.

0-Aghios Georgios Church, Faliron {N37.93301 E23.69002}--Disembarkation site acc. to Biris

01-Fix-Zisimopoulou {N37.93292 E23.69546}

02-Zisimopoulou-Andromahis {N37.93230 E23.70033}

03-Andromahis-Gorgopotamou {N37.93342 E23.70419}

04-Gorgopotamou-Kyprou {N37.93718 E23.70651}

05-Kyprou-Seferiadou {N37.94000 E23.70794}

06-Seferiadou-Yperidou {N37.94046 E23.70866}

06b-Aghioi Theodoroi Church {N37.94123 E23.70961}--altar(s) of unknown gods probably here

07-Koukaki square {N37.96348 E23.72133}

08-Ilissos bridge at Falirou str. {N37.96260 E23.72268}

09-Falirou & Veikoy & Hatzihristou & Makrygianni {N37.96763 E23.72916}

10-Itonies Pyles [Makrygianni & Lempesi] {N37.96794 E23.72931}

11-Odos Itonion Pylon [Makrygianni-Vironos] {N37.96957 E23.73000}

12-Lysicrates monument {N37.97100 E23.73005}

13-Selley-Tripodon (Anc. Tripodon str.) {N37.97155 E23.73010}

13b-Alternative route to anc. Jewish district {N37.97192 E23.73035}

14-Tripodon-Lysiou (Anc. Tripodon str.) {N37.97324 E23.72899}

15-Lysiou-Polygnotou (Anc. Tripodon str.) {N37.97386 E23.72709}

16-Athena Archegetis Gate, Roman Forum {N37.97448 E23.72550}

17-Road connecting Roman Forum with Greek Agora {N37.97448 E23.72550}

18-Altar of twelve gods, Greek Agora {N37.97572 E23.72258}

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