Harmony Chart

Date PRE-CONVERSION PERIOD Acts ref. Epistles ref.
1 BC TARSUS: Birth of Paul
Land route: FromTarsus to Jerusalem
Origins/Training Acts 21:39-40; 23:34; 22:2-3 2 Cor 11:22, Rom 11:1 
Phil 3:4-5
29 AD Andronicus and Junia(s), Paul's fellow countrymen or even relatives, become believers in Christ at or right after Pentecost.  Rom 16:7
30 AD JERUSALEM: Paul is a witness and consents to Stephen's stoning. Acts 7:54-8:1; 22:20
30-33 AD Paul is a leading figure at the persecution of the followers of "the Way" in Jerusalem Acts 8:1-4
The deacon Philip in Samaria. Acts 8:5-13
The rest of the apostles send Peter and John to Samaria. Acts 8:14-25
The deacon Philip preaches the good news to the eunuch. Acts 8:26-40
Date POST-CONVERSION PERIOD Acts ref. Epistles ref.
Land route: From Jerusalem to Damascus
33 AD Close to DAMASCUS: Paul's conversion. Acts 9:1-8; 22:1-16; 26:9-18
33 AD DAMASCUS Acts 9:9-22
Land route: From Damascus to Arabia
33-35 AD ARABIA Acts 9:23 Gal 1:13-17
Land route: From Arabia to Damascus
35 AD DAMASCUS: Assassination plot A and escape. Acts 9:23-25 2 Cor 11:32-33
Land route: From Damascus to Jerusalem
35 AD JERUSALEM: 1st visit (introducred to and staying with the apostles) Acts 9:26-27 Gal 1:18-20
Ministry in Jerusalem, but not in the wider area of Judea. Acts 9:28; 26:19-20
Assassination plot B. Acts 9:29
Land route: From Jerusalem to Tarsus
35-38 AD TARSUS Acts 9:30
Land route: Establishment of Paul's Syrian and Cilician Churches Gal 1:21-24
35-38 AD Peter in Lydda and Joppa. The Cornelius incident. Acts 9:31-11:18
38 AD Establishment of the church in Antioch of Syria. Acts 11:19-21
Land route: From Tarsus to Antioch of Syria
38 AD ANTIOCH OF SYRIA: Barnabas brings Paul to the assembly of Antioch of Syria. Acts 11:22-26
40-46 AD Paul ministers as a teacher at the assembly.
43 AD Paul caught up into the third heaven. 2 Cor 12:2-4
44 AD Agabus prophecy about a great famine. Acts 11:27-28
46 AD Antiochian church prepares to send aid to Jerusalem brethren  through the hands of Barnabas and Paul. Acts 11:29
Land route: From Antioch of Syria to Jerusalem
46 AD JERUSALEM: 2nd visit (the revelation visit) Acts 11:30; 12:25 Gal 2:1-10
46 AD Paul falls into a trance in the Jerusalem Temple. Acts 22:17-21
46 AD Murder of James. Arrest and miraculous release of Peter. Death of Herod Agrippa I. Acts 12:1-24
Land route: From Jerusalem to Antioch of Syria
47 AD ANTIOCH OF SYRIA: Return to the base church in Antioch. Acts 12:25
47 AD Peter's visit to Antioch of Syria. Btw. Acts 12 and Acts 13 Gal 2:11-14
47 AD Release of Barnabas and Paul unto apostolic ministry. Acts 13:1-3
Date 1st JOURNEY (OUTBOUND) Acts ref. Epistles ref.
SELEUCIA Acts 13:4
Sea route: they sailed to CYPRUS Acts 13:4
SALAMIS Acts 13:5
Land route: When they had gone through the island Acts 13:6
PAPHOS Acts 13:6-12
Sea route: From Paphos to Perga Acts 13:13
Land route: From Perga to Antioch of Pisidia Acts 13:14
ANTIOCH OF PISIDIA Acts 13:14-52 Gal 4:13
Land route: From Antioch of PISIDIA to Iconium Acts 13:51
ICONIUM: Assassination plot C. Acts 14:1-5
Land route: and fled to the cities of LYCAONIA, Lystra and Derbe, and the surrounding region Acts 14:6
Land route: From Iconium to Lystra Acts 14:6
LYSTRA: Assassination plot D. Acts 14:6-20
Land route: From Lystra to Derbe Acts 14:20
DERBE Acts 14:20-21
Land route: From Derbe to Lystra Acts 14:21-23
LYSTRA Acts 14:21-23
Land route: From Lystra to Iconium Acts 14:21-23
ICONIUM Acts 14:21-23
Land route: From Iconium to Antioch of Pisidia Acts 14:21-23
Land route: they passed through PISIDIA and came to PAMPHYLIA Acts 14:24
PERGA Acts 14:25
ATTALIA Acts 14:25
Sea route: From Attalia to Antioch of Syria Acts 14:26
Date EVENTS BETWEEN 1st AND 2nd JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
48 AD ANTIOCH OF SYRIA: Writes Galatians. Acts 14:27-15:2
Land route: through both PHOENICIA and SAMARIA Acts 15:3
JERUSALEM: 3rd visit (The council) Acts 15:4-29
Land route: From Jerusalem to Antioch of Syria Acts 15:30
ANTIOCH OF SYRIA Acts 15:30-35
Date 2nd JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
49 AD ANTIOCH OF SYRIA Acts 15:36-40
Land route: through SYRIA and CILICIA [from Antioch of Syria to Derbe] Acts 15:41
DERBE Acts 16:1
Land route: From Derbe to Lystra
LYSTRA Acts 16:1-3
Land route: they were passing through the CITIES [from Lystra to Apamea] Acts 16:4-5
forbidden to speak the word in ASIA [note: Apamea was the border city] Acts 16:6
Land route: through the region of PHRYGIA and GALATIA [from Apamea to Dorylaion] Acts 16:6
When they had come opposite MYSIA, they tried to go into BITHYNIA [Dorylaion] Acts 16:7
Land route: passing by MYSIA [from Dorylaion to Troas] Acts 16:8
TROAS Acts 16:8-10
Sea route: From Troas to Samothrace Acts 16:11
Sea route: From Samothrace to Neapolis Acts 16:11
NEAPOLIS Acts 16:11
Land route: From Neapolis to Philippi
PHILIPPI Acts 16:12-40
Land route: From Philippi to Amphipolis
Land route: From Amphipolis to Apollonia
Land route: From Apollonia to Thessalonike
THESSALONIKE Acts 17:1-9 Phil 4:16
Land route: From Thessalonike to Berea
BEREA Acts 17:10-13
Land route: From Berea to the coast [most likely Pydna] Acts 17:14
Sea route: From Pydna to an Athens port [probably Faliron]
Land route: From Faliron to the Athens Agora
ATHENS Acts 17:15-34
Land route: From Athens to Corinth
50-51 AD CORINTH: Writes 1 & 2 Thessalonians Acts 18:1-18
Land route: From Corinth to Cenchrea
CENCHREA Acts 18:18
Sea route: From Cenchrea to Ephesus
EPHESUS Acts 18:19-21
Sea route: he set sail from EPHESUS [to Caesarea] Acts 18:21
CAESAREA Acts 18:22
Land route: From Caesarea to Jerusalem
51 AD JERUSALEM: 4th visit. Acts 18:22
Land route: From Jerusalem to Antioch of Syria
Date 3rd JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
through the GALATIAN REGION and PHRYGIA [from Antioch of Syria to Apamea] Acts 18:23
EPHESUS: Apollos arrives Acts 18:24-28
UPPER REGIONS [from Apamea to Ephesus] Acts 19:1
52 AD EPHESUS: Meets John the Baptist's disciples. Acts 19:1-7
EPHESUS: 3 months in the Synagogue. Acts 19:8-9
EPHESUS: Writes Corinthians A' (lost Epistle). 1 Cor 5:9
EPHESUS: reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus for two years. Acts 19:9-10
EPHESUS (Distress 1): the fight with "wild beasts".  1 Cor 15:32; 16:9
EPHESUS: The miracles. Acts 19:11-12
EPHESUS: The exorcists. Acts 19:13-17
EPHESUS: Confession of magical practices. Acts 19:18-20
EPHESUS: The initial travel plans of Paul to Macedonia-Achaia-Jerusalem. Acts 19:21
EPHESUS: Chloe's report and the letter from the Corinthians. Paul writes Corinthians B' (I Corinthians) and sends it by Timothy to Corinth. 1 Cor 1:11; 7:1
EPHESUS: Timothy returns from Corinth with bad news.
From Ephesus to Corinth (by sea route).
CORINTH: The painful visit. 2 Cor 2:1; 2:5-11; 7:12
From Corinth to Ephesus (by sea route).
EPHESUS: Writes Corinthians C' (lost Epistle), sent to Corinth by Titus. 2 Cor 2:3-4; 2:12-13; 7:6-12
2 Cor 13:2
EPHESUS  (Distress 2): The affliction of Paul and Timothy. 2 Cor 1:8-11
EPHESUS: Paul sends Timothy and Erastus to Macedonia. Paul decides to stay in Asia. Acts 19:22 1 Cor 4:17-19; 16:8-11
EPHESUS (Distress 3): The (re)appearance of the thorn in the flesh. 2 Cor 12:7
EPHESUS (Distress 4): The riot in the theater. Acts 19:23-41
55 AD EPHESUS (Distress 5): Prisca and Aquila risk their necks for Paul. Rom 16:3-4
From Ephesus to Troas by a coastal vessel (Ramsay). 2 Cor 2:12
TROAS. Looking for Titus. The "open" door. 2 Cor 2:13
From Troas to MACEDONIA [sea route] Acts 20:1 2 Cor 2:13
56 AD [through those districts of] MACEDONIA: Finally meets Titus (and Timothy) in Macedonia and writes Corinthians D' (II Corinthians), sent by Titus and probably Trophimus and Tychicus. Acts 20:2 2 Cor 2:13; 7:6; 8:16-21; 8:22
Mission to ILLYRICUM Rom 15:19
From ILLYRICUM to GREECE Acts 20:2
57 AD CORINTH: Meets Erastus, writes Romans, sent to Rome by Phoebe. Acts 20:3 Rom 16:1-2, 2 Cor 13:1
From Corinth to Cenchrea Acts 20:3
CENCHREA: Assasination plot E. Acts 20:3
From Cenchrea to MACEDONIA [to Pydna]
From Pydna to Berea
BEREA Acts 20:4
From Berea to Thessalonike
From Thessalonike to Philippi
PHILIPPI Acts 20:6
From Philippi to Troas [sea route] Acts 20:6
TROAS Acts 20:6-13
From Troas to Assos
ASSOS Acts 20:14
From Assos to Mitylene [sea route]
MITYLENE Acts 20:14
From Mitylene to Chios [sea route]
CHIOS Acts 20:15
From Chios to Samos [sea route]
SAMOS Acts 20:15
From Samos to Miletus [sea route]
MILETUS Acts 20:15-38
From Miletus to Cos [sea route]
COS Acts 21:1
From Cos to Rhodes [sea route]
RHODES Acts 21:1
From Rhodes to Patara [sea route]
PATARA Acts 21:1
in sight of CYPRUS, sailing to SYRIA Acts 21:3
TYRE Acts 21:3-6
From Tyre to Ptolemais [sea route]
From Ptolemais to Caesarea [sea route]
CAESAREA Acts 21:8-14
From Caesarea to Jerusalem
57 AD JERUSALEM: 5th visit. Acts 21:15-26
Date EVENTS BETWEEN 3rd AND 4th JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
57 AD JERUSALEM Acts 21:27-30
JERUSALEM: Assassination plot F. Acts 21:31-22:29
JERUSALEM: Assassination plot G. Acts 22:30-23:11
JERUSALEM: Assassination plot H. Acts 23:12-23:30
From Jerusalem to Antipatris Acts 23:31
ANTIPATRIS Acts 23:31-32
From Antipatris to Caesarea Acts 23:33
CAESAREA: Paul in front of Felix. Acts 23:33-24:27
CAESAREA: Assassination plot I. Acts 25:1-5
CAESAREA: Paul in front of Festus. Acts 25:6-27
59 AD CAESAREA: Paul in front of Agrippa. Acts 26:1-32
Date 4th JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
59 AD CAESAREA Acts 27:1-2
From Caesarea to Sidon [sea route] Acts 27:3
SIDON Acts 27:3
sailed under the shelter of CYPRUS Acts 27:4
sailed through the sea along the coast of CILICIA and PAMPHYLIA Acts 27:5
MYRA IN LYCIA Acts 27:5-6
From Myra to Cnidus [sea route] Acts 27:7
off CNIDUS Acts 27:7
off SALMONE Acts 27:7
Under the shelter of Crete, from Salmone to Fair Havens [sea route] Acts 27:7
FAIR HAVENS and LASEA Acts 27:8-12
if they could reach PHOENIX Acts 27:12
sailing along CRETE Acts 27:13
under the shelter of CLAUDA Acts 27:14-16
fearing Syrtis, driven along Acts 27:17
in the ADRIATIC SEA Acts 27:18-27
MELITE Acts 27:28-41
MELITE: Assassination plot J'. Acts 27:42-43
MELITE Acts 27:43-28:11
From Melite to Syracuse [sea route] Acts 28:11-12
SYRACUSE Acts 28:11-12
From Syracuse to Rhegium [sea route] Acts 28:13
RHEGIUM Acts 28:13
From Rhegium to Puteoli [sea route] Acts 28:13
PUTEOLI Acts 28:13
Toward Rome: From Puteoli to Appii Forum Acts 28:14
APPII FORUM Acts 28:15
From Appii Forum to the Three Taverns Acts 28:15
From the Three Taverns to Rome Acts 28:16
60 AD ROME Acts 28:16
Date EVENTS BETWEEN 4th AND 5th JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
60-62 AD ROME: 1st imprisonment.  Acts 28:16-31
ROME: writes Ephesians Acts 28:30-31 Eph 3:1; 4:1; 6:20
ROME: writes Colossians Acts 28:30-31 Col 1:24; 4:10; 4:18
ROME: writes Philemon Acts 28:30-31 Philem 1:1, 9, 23
ROME: writes Laodiceans (lost) Acts 28:30-31 Col 4:16
ROME: writes Philippians Acts 28:30-31 Phil 1:7;1:13; 1:17
Date 5th JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
62 AD ROME: Release from 1st imprisonment, delivered from "lion's mouth". 2 Tim 4:17
SPAIN? Romans 15:23-29
CRETE: Travels with Titus and Timothy to Crete. Leaves Titus in Crete. Titus 1:5
EPHESUS: Leaves Timothy there. 1 Tim 1:3
MACEDONIA: Writes Titus and I Timothy.  1 Tim 1:3
NIKOPOLIS: Artemas replaces Titus in Crete and Titus joins Paul in Nikopolis.  Titus 3:12
TROAS: On his way to Ephesus to rejoin Timothy. Arrest with hasty departure, leaves cloak and books behind. 2 Tim 4:13
MILETUS: Probably under custody. 2 Tim 4:20
CORINTH: Probably under custody. 2 Tim 4:20
65 AD ROME: 2nd imprisonment.  2 Tim 4:6
Date EVENTS after the 5th JOURNEY Acts ref. Epistles ref.
65 AD ROME: Writes 2 Timothy. Sends it by Tychicus, who will replace Timothy in Ephesus. Timothy is urged to come to Rome with John Mark.  2 Tim 4:12-13
66 AD ROME: Martyrdom.