If you're interested in the Apostle Paul's cities, ports and generally in his Missionary Journeys in Greece, Asia Minor and the surrounding Mediterranean countries, then this site has been created for you.

We are taking this study even further by presenting the routes that connect the Pauline cities mentioned in Acts. This task is being pushed forward through arduous preparation and traveling endless miles by boat, car, motorbike and on foot.

Sections of Roman roads, way stations, bridges, gorges, valleys, river crossings, rugged paths, cities built by Alexander the Great, ancient springs, pagan sanctuaries, remains of synagogues, man-made and natural monuments, churches and monasteries which echo Paul's travels, everything is being meticulously studied and recorded.

Use the Missionary Journeys tabs or the Harmony Chart tab to start your exploration. These are the left-brain sections. Or visit our online Gallery to smell the aroma of the project.

Ioannis E. Konstas
April 2023