Ioannis E. Konstas
was born in Greece in 1968, his passion for photography started at the age of twelve. 
He first studied High-Energy Physics in Freiburg, Germany with a Master's degree at CERN.
He is a graduate of A.I.B.I. (the Athens branch of Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas) and owns a Master's degree on the Hebrew Scriptures (MRS). His deep and dedicated interest in the writings of the Apostle Paul led him to study, explore and photograph Pauline & other related sites in the Mediterranean Lands, since 1994.

  • Co-founder and teacher of a Bible School with emphasis on the Patristic writings. 
  • Over 80 lectures on Pauline and related subjects.
  • His studies and articles have triggered the restoration and display of the significant (but for 100 years neglected) Gallio inscription by the Greek ministry of Culture. (The inscription is critical for the establishment of an absolute Pauline chronology. It is exhibited now in the new Delphi museum, after exiting the charioteer's room). 
  • Guide of several tours and VIPs like Charles Duke, to the Greek Pauline Sites.
  • Involvement in an Open University project, teaching Patristic Psychotherapy. 

  • A limited edition coffee-table album on Biblical Greece. 
  • "The Complete Acts of St. Paul in Greece" (pc cd-rom).
  • A theological study on "The Lord's Prayer as a Holiness Ladder," based on the writings of the Greek Church Fathers (paperback, language: Greek).
  • DVD slideshow on the ancient city and area of Delphi. 
  • DVD slideshow on the Seven Churches of Revelation. 
  • Forty of his pictures have been published in Zondervan's Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, which has received the  ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) Gold Medallion award.

Internet presence:
With material from previous publications, recent and ongoing trips, Ioannis published in 2019 a new extended version of this geographical and photographic study blog. This blog presents all of Paul's journeys and routes through the recorded and most importantly through the unrecorded cities located along the Roman roads or ancient paths he used. Additionally, it presents a Harmony Chart that contains all events of the life and journeys of Paul.

What others say:
(Quotes from reviews of "The Complete Acts of St. Paul in Greece PC CD-ROM".)

Mr. Ioannis Konstas has worked for twenty-five years recording the journeys of the Apostle Paul in a stunning photographic record.
Dr. Randall D. Smith, CTSP [Christian Tourism Study Programs] International Director.

"The Complete Acts of St. Paul in Greece" is a reference work from which any student of the New Testament can profit. The CD-ROM is packed with photographs and information regarding Paul's mission in Macedonia, Achaia, Crete, and the Aegean. Its author, Ioannis Konstas, is an accomplished photographer, whose work appears in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary.

The interface is easy to use. Inclusion of a map orients the user to the region's geography. About thirty sites are surveyed with stunning photographs and a brief description. Complete site information can be found in the entries from the Hastings Dictionary of the Bible. A synopsis of every scripture related to each site is provided. Additionally, an introduction and outline of the five "Greek" epistles is also given.

Konstas's articles on members of the Pauline circle and reflective lessons from the Greek background provide applications useful for sermons and teaching. I recommend this resource to all Bible readers.

Dr. Mark Wilson
Founder and Director, Seven Churches Network
Adjunct Professor of New Testament, Regent University

Ioannis E. Konstas has made a valuable contribution to those of us who are interested in the spread of the gospel of Christ in first century Greece through the missionary teaching trips of the apostle Paul. Through his scholarly pen and professional camera lenses, Ioannis makes it possible for the Bible scholar and all interested Bible students to take these trips with Paul, not as distant bystanders, but as one on the scene - participating in the action.

This CD is simple to use. It is like turning pages in a book, but is structured in such a way that the user can quickly go to a specific point of interest with a click of the mouse. I recommend it without reservation to all who want a God honoring work illuminating the biblical account of Paul's Missionary Journeys in Greece.

Bobby G. Deason
International Missionary, Evangelist, Pastor