St. Paul's Harmony chart (or H-chart)

The H-chart is a Harmony of Paul's life and travels. A Harmony results when information from complementary sources is paralleled and blended. In this case the sources are the book of Acts and Paul's Epistles (Letters) to various 1st c. AD Christian congregations or individuals.

Notes on using the H-Chart:
Please notice the Tabs under the H-Chart, click on them and you get to see the various stages of Paul's travels, during his Pre-Conversion years, during his Post-Conversion years and his 5 Missionary Journeys.

If you click on the chart, you can scroll up and down in it, if necessary.

The turquoise cells
These are the route cells, containing Paul's routes from place to place. Several routes of St. Paul are not mentioned in our sources (the book of Acts and Paul's Epistles) and only the start and end point of the route segment is mentioned, (e.g. they, passing on from Perga, came to Antioch of Pisidia). Other routes are mentioned in detail (Philippi-Amphipolis-Apollonia-Thessalonica) and others are vaguely mentioned (e.g. passing through the island [of Cyprus]). Others are not mentioned at all but are obvious and had to be inserted.

Sometimes the route choice is unique and therefore obvious, at other instances Paul's chosen route is a matter of investigation or even speculation. In any case, the recorded, vaguely recorded or unrecorded routes that we have highlighted/inserted into the chart are based on our study of Paul's routes and are displayed in fully colored turquoise cells. These are clickable and once clicked, they open new pages where every route is further described, analyzed and the (probable) route sites/cities are listed.

Other colors in the chart
Additionally, in the H-Chart, Paul's Epistles appear in orange text, his post-conversion visits to Jerusalem appear in blue text, the assassination plots against him in red text, and the Ephesus distresses in purple text.

The H-chart follows the South Galatian theory and Ramsay's theory on Paul's Jerusalem visits.